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If your yard is sloped like many Golden backyards and front yards, or if you want to create a terraced design, a retaining wall needs to be part of your landscape remodeling plans. Retaining walls are the cornerstone of landscaping your property and can turn an unusable area that is of sloped, steep or uneven topography into usable space, thereby increasing the yard area you can enjoy with your family. Add an extra patio for seating under a gorgeous gazebo, create a practical outdoor kitchen or an exciting kids play area. You can also use retaining walls to elevate a patio or other space, like raising a planting box above its surroundings or we can create ornate and useful seating benches for you.

Dry stone retaining walls have been used around the world for centuries. They need to be visually appealing, in line with the overall design of your garden, and can be impressive works of art. They also need to be structurally sound to support the soil laterally. Soil has a natural tendency to move down-slope with gravity and pushes strongly against the retaining wall, so the structure needs to be properly engineered to do its job sufficiently.

It is also important that water drains properly, as the water builds up hydro-static pressure which can cause the wall to fail. Additionally you need proper trenching, a good base and the right materials and it has to be straight and level. We have decades of experience in building rock solid retaining walls in the challenging environment of the Himalayan mountains and we engineer and build walls that will withstand the test of time and the natural movement of the Colorado Rockies’ soil.

We are used to working with limited material choices in Nepal and are experienced in using any natural object. We can utilize rocks or boulders you already have onsite by custom crafting them with an angle grinder into the perfect shape, thus saving you costly material bills. We believe your retaining walls should last for a lifetime and we bring our unparalleled experience, workmanship, skill and dedication to your project, large or small. We guarantee our work and are bonded and insured.

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