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Enhance your yard’s look and function and improve your property value by adding a new stone patio. With proper planning and design Sherpa Landscaping makes sure that your patio will be the right size and shape so it can accommodate all your needs. We consider how many people you plan to host, the type of entertainment the patio needs to sustain, and we help you choose the perfect materials such as brick, tile, bluestone or precast concrete pavers, to make the patio blend well with your garden’s design and the look of your home.

A flagstone patio offers a natural organic look that harmoniously blends with the surrounding plants with its earthy tones of reds and browns and can be laid in a variety of interesting patterns. It is also very durable and low in maintenance.

A properly installed patio needs to be level enough for trouble free seating, yet have a minimal slope to adequately drain rain water and snow melt. A stone patio is the perfect support for a heavy hot tub and will withstand the water exposure much better than any wood decking. We believe your patio and walkways should endure the test of time.

Our experience with masonry work in the rugged Himalayan mountains has made us skilled and tough and translates well to the Colorado Rocky Mountain setting. We guarantee our work and bring unsurpassed talent, dedication and workmanship to your patio or walkway project.

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