custom stone walkways Evergreen
Xeriscaped yard with levels Applewood Colorado
custom stone staircase Conifer
redwood walkway and stairs Applewood Colorado
stone work driveway and retaining wall Boulder Colorado

Walkways are an important part of any landscaping project. The give us a smooth easy to navigate level surface for moving around our yards, or they can be an extravagant focal point. We can create charming pathways that lead to your front door and transform the curb appeal of your home, add a walkway to your backyard to weave from the patio around lovely flower beds or to meander around a sensational rock garden.

A walking path gets a lot of traffic and needs to be well constructed to be durable enough to sustain that much activity. Stone walkways are very resilient and bring an enchanting look to your property. Sherpa Landscaping’s Sherpas are mountaineers from Nepal who have climbed Mount Everest and are experienced and talented in building solid stable and long lasting walkways that withstand the Colorado snow and ice, shifting soil, tree roots and abundant sunshine weathering, for many years. We can use materials you already have or beautiful Colorado flagstone, pavers or other natural materials like local granite pieces, to turn your yard in into a dazzling relaxing space.

Stone steps and stairs are an important design feature and a practical necessity in a sloped or mountainous yard or can be added to a terraced garden to create appeal and interest and make getting around easier and more comfortable. With the use of our angle grinder we can cut the perfect shape out of natural materials that may already be present on your property. Our masonry experience in the harsh climate of Nepal was a perfect primer for creating sensational landscapes in the Rocky Mountain gardens of Colorado. We can design and install any type of stairs and steps ranging from a couple of small steps descending from a retaining wall, all the way to grand entry hall staircases, and we can work with any budget and in any weather.

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