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Nothing soothes and calms more than the relaxing, serene and peaceful sound of running water. A water feature should be an essential part of any Colorado garden to offset the arid nature of our climate, and to bring the joy of sitting near a mountain stream after a thrilling hike home to your own backyard. When you are ready to add a little zen to your garden, the options for waterscaping your yard are practically limitless, ranging from simple fountains to grand spectacular waterfalls.

Water features generate a nurturing restful escape from it all and a joyful gathering place where you create wonderful memories as you sit with your family and friends around a beautiful koi pond, a spectacular fountain, or by a stream or waterfall, listening to the babbling brook melody in your backyard water paradise. Whether you have a small corner you would like to adorn with a cascading fountain, or a larger area that can accommodate a stream, pond or a waterfall, Sherpa Landscaping can custom craft an impressive water feature out of the rocks on your property or build a soothing tranquil pond with aquatic plants and fish that make up a balanced ecosystem which attracts wildlife and birds and is pleasing to look at.

Imagine sitting there after a long day of work, listening to the peaceful relaxing water flow and letting it gently wash the stress away. We build water features that are energy efficient, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. Water features are trending and will increase the value of your home. They can be a dazzling focal point, tie all the elements in your landscape together and turn it into a complete balanced ecosystem. Careful planing is needed to find the right location, and construct the ideal shape, design, look and sound.

Our expert Sherpas will come out to meet with you and view your yard, then spend time with you to listen to your needs and desires and consult to design the perfect custom waterscape that is uniquely tailored to your taste and lifestyle, and blends nicely with your landscape design and the style of your home. The right water feature looks completely natural and is low maintenance, like a meandering creek, pond or water garden that is a thriving sustainable habitat with clear water and the right ecological balance. It brings pleasant cooling to your yard on a hot summer day. Picture sitting by your enchanting colorful koi pond, soaking up the aroma of night blooming lilies and the meditative peace of the serene song of the flowing water. Contact Sherpa Landscaping today to get started.