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A custom fire place or fire pit can take your back yard from ordinary to extraordinary as everybody loves to congregate around a crackling fire. Your fireplace can become the heart of your garden with its coziness, lovely ambiance and warmth as your friends and family gather in comfort, sitting around a roaring fire, sipping a glass of wine, roasting marshmallows and are enjoying lively conversation and bonding. An outdoor firepit can extend the time you can spend outside in the evenings well into fall and bring the relaxing atmosphere of hanging out around a camp fire, the calming sounds, the exiting smells and wonderful sights of the light of the fire that you have enjoyed so much on your last camping trip right into your own backyard.

Fireplaces exude an artistic elegance and have a more formal look than fire pits. They blend naturally into the surroundings and can be constructed from materials right from your site, or we can use other commercial choices like brick, tile, concrete, stone veneer, stucco or pavers. The design choices are endless from towering chimneys to round, square or elongated shapes that extend right into your outdoor kitchen.

Fire pits provide a more casual atmosphere than fireplaces, both can be fueled by natural gas or propane, or they can be wood burning. The design choices and the material choices are nearly unlimited. They can be square, round, rectangular or of a more organic shape and the material choices range from granite, stone or marble to man made materials like like concrete, stone veneer, brick, tile, pavers or stucco.

At Sherpa Landscaping we have cut our teeth in the tough conditions of Nepal and built beautiful stone structures like fire places for decades, using only the natural materials the mountain environment provides and working in any climate. We are expert stone masons and are probably the only landscaping company that does not shy away from working in the dead of winter. Our experience, strength, grit, attention to detail and integrity makes us the perfect choice for installing your new outdoor fire place or fire pit properly and safely. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work. We collaborate with you to develop a design that fits your lifestyle, and matches your landscaping and the style of your home to create a striking addition to your patio. Call us today to spice up your evenings with an impressive fire feature from Sherpa Landscaping.

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