Why Sherpa Landscaping Contractors are The Best Choice For Denver Colorado Yards

Sherpas have unique skills and characteristics that allow them to excel not only at the monumental effort of ascending Mount Everest, but we bring this toughness, exceptional expertise, alpine experience, these skills and strengths to your Denver Colorado high altitude gardening projects.

Our Colorado Landscaping Services

level flagstone patio in Applewood Colorado

Stone Patios

Beautiful Flagstone is a durable material and is perfect for landscaping Denver Colorado yards. Our expert Himalayan Sherpas bring many patterns, design styles and unmatched craftsmanship to your patio project.

reliable gardening crew Littleton Colorado

Retaining Walls

We build Sherpa-strong attractive retaining walls that are designed and crafted to withstand the challenging Rocky Mountain environment and we can use natural materials from your site.

drought tolerant rock garden


Conserve with Xeriscape. We are experienced at creating stunning water-wise landscapes with attractive native plants that are low maintenance, need little water and are pleasant to look at.

custom stone walkways Evergreen

Stairs and Walkways

Complete your landscaping with sensationally appealing stairs and steps handcrafted by our talented Sherpas and tie it all together with an elegant walkway meandering through gorgeous flowerbeds.

Custom Fire Feature

Fire Features

Bring the excitement of a campfire to your Colorado garden with a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Gather your friends and family around a roaring fire and enjoy a cool mountain summer evening.

relaxing water feature Parker Colorado

Water Features

Calm the mind and add a little Zen to your backyard with a tranquil soothing water fountain, pond or stream. Our Sherpas bring Mt. Everest stone mason experience and strengths to your waterscaping projects.

sprinkler installation Colorado


Protect your landscaping investment with proper irrigation. We design efficient sprinkler systems and water saving drip irrigation systems to ensure your plants enjoy just the right amount of water to thrive.

Tree Service Denver Colorado

Tree Service

Enjoy privacy, shade and dazzling beauty with large shade trees and cheerful fruit trees. Our competent Sherpas are intimately familiar with the alpine environment and we plant, prune, care for and relocate trees.

Experienced skilled Sherpa Landscaping crew

We Guarantee Our Work

Sherpas are known for their integrity, alpine experience, and commitment to the highest quality workmanship. We are bonded, insured and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work.

Why Sherpa Landscaping is the Best Choice For Your Colorado Yard

The Highest Quality Results

We create exceptionally beautiful gardens with one of a kind patios and walkways, dazzling water wise xeriscapes, efficient drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and stunning rock retaining walls built to withstand the test of time and the harsh Rocky Mountain conditions.


Alpine Environment Excellence

Our Sherpas learned their craft and worked for many years in the challenging conditions of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and create spectacularly striking landscapes that are perfectly adapted to the high elevations of your Colorado Front Range property.


Sherpa Spirit - Sherpa Strong

Sherpas posses unique mental and physical characteristics that allow them to excel in our Colorado conditions. They are tough, skilled, ethical, honest and hard working and they are just as dedicated to your project’s success as they were to guiding climbers safely to the top of Mount Everest.


Extensive Landscaping Experience

From choosing the right plants for each micro climate of your xeriscape to building a durable retaining wall to hold back the strong soil movements, we have the expertise to make your project a roaring success.


We are Reasonably Priced

Call us today for a free estimate. Our prices are extremely competitive and our work is unique and extraordinary. Please check out our reviews from our many satisfied clients raving about the results they enjoy.


All Work Guaranteed

We warranty our work and we guarantee your satisfaction.  We are there for you for anything you need for years to come. We have been in business for over 10 years, have a proven track record and a rock solid reputation for superior customer care and phenomenal quality of work.