DYI Flagstone Patio Delivered

Custom Flagstone Fire Pit Patio

Beautify your yard with a stunning flagstone patio, walkway or pool deck. Get the custom look you’ve been dreaming about for a fraction of the price with our DYI pre-cut ready to install Flagstone. Choose from a large variety of designs, sizes and styles delivered right to your door with easy to follow installation instructions.

Stunning Flagstone Patio in Denver Colorado
  • Protect Your Health

    Cutting stone generates hazardous dust. Stay safe by eliminating the cutting process. We safely cut the flagstone pieces for your beautiful new patio at our fabrication facility in Colorado and ship them right to your yard.

    Flagstone is a sandstone and contains a lot of silica.  Cutting custom pieces for a flagstone patio or walkway releases silica containing dust, which can cause silicosis, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Silicosis is a dangerous lung disease that is irreversible.  We have decades of experience with stone work and ordering a pre-cut patio from Sherpa Landscaping will help you eliminate this potentially hazardous step. 

  • Save Time

    When you order easy to install pre-cut flagstone pieces for the perfect patio, walkway or pool deck, delivered right to your yard, you save a lot of time compared to installing a traditional flagstone patio.

    Ordering a pre-cut flagstone patio, walkway or pool deck allows you to skip several steps you would be taking when installing a traditional patio.  If you are hiring help you would be interviewing and selecting a landscaping contractor, if you are doing the work yourself you would need to select the product at a stone yard, transport it to your site and cut the pieces into the shapes you need. When you buy pre-cut flagstone from Sherpa Landscaping, you save time by eliminating those tasks.

  • Save Money

    We source the highest quality flagstone from competitively priced connections around the world. We deliver the pre-cut patio stones directly to your door at a reasonable rate. In additon, you benefit from reduced labor cost or easy DYI installation.

    Buying flagstone locally is considerably more expensive than sourcing it from certain countries around the world, such as India or Nepal.  Even with factoring in freight cost, you will spend a lot less than if you bought flagstone near where you live.  You also save money when you install the patio yourself or if you are hiring a contractor to install the pre-cut mail ordered patio, it is a lot less work for the contractor translating into savings for you.

Flagstone is a very elegant, highly decorative, timely and classy hard-scape material that will transform your backyard into a stunning show piece. An exquisite substance like flagstone is usually very expensive, but Sherpa Landscaping has found a way to make it affordable by offering flagstone patios, pool decks and walkways through online ordering. Choose your favorite design from many dazzling colors and custom looking artistic layouts and precise creative cuts. We will ship the pre-cut flagstone pieces right to your door with easy to follow and clear installation instructions, whether you wish to DYI install the product or use a professional installer.

Our Sherpas are experienced stone masons and have learned the art of stone cutting from an early age on, working with rocks in the tough conditions of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

Grateful for the opportunity to bring those special skills to the Rocky Mountains, we have fabricated and installed custom patios for local customers as a landscaping company for well over a decade.  Now, through online ordering, we can make those stunning patios available to clients around the United States by pre-cutting them in our facility in Denver and shipping them anywhere in the country.

Contact us if you have any questions, or order now.