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Water is the world’s most precious resource and is becoming increasingly sparse, so efficiency is king when it comes to irrigating your greenery. Landscaping is a significant investment in your property and irrigating well is not just essential to maintaining a healthy garden and to keeping your plants and lawns looking their best, it also protects your investment. Using less water is a budgetary concern as well as an environmental consideration. A poorly designed sprinkler system will not only waste a lot of water, but may over-water some plants while starving others, so before you install any irrigation it is important to thoroughly understand your landscape. When you over-water, the runoff carries away essential nutrients, can compact the soil and cause root disease. Sherpa Landscaping offers a free onsite consultation to evaluate your land and micro climate conditions, discuss your needs and develop a water efficient intelligent custom irrigation design. You may need either a sprinkler system or drip irrigation or you may need both in different areas of your yard. We apply sustainable practices and bring extensive expertise, skill, a reliable hardworking crew, know how and grit to your landscaping endeavors to keep your garden lush and green.

Lawn Sprinklers

Sprinklers work best for ground cover or lawns because those need an even distribution of water. For any other applications you will want to consider drip irrigation. As sprinklers run a lot of water in a short time and shoot large amounts of water into the air, a lot of water evaporates, especially when used in the middle of the day, so they are not the best choice if you wish to conserve water. A poorly designed system can lead to over-watering and excessive runoff and could be wasting as much as 50-70%. Sprinkler irrigation can be more complicated than the average lay person imagines and needs to be designed and installed properly to give you the best value. At Sherpa Landscaping we have considerable experience designing irrigation systems, thoroughly understand the mountain soil conditions and micro climate and we offer a free initial consultation. We begin by visiting your garden and examine the soil, slope, sun and shade conditions and vegetation and come up with a plan that adequately meets your needs. We make sure that you have sufficient coverage, but don’t spray over the boundaries or waste water in other ways. We ensure that your zones are fittingly laid out, that the right heads are used and that any digging minimizes damage to the existing plants. Rain sensors or water sensors and automatic timers tie the water wise arrangement together beautifully to create a pristine water-wise garden.

Drip Irrigation

Native plants in the arid Colorado climate do not need a lot of water once they are established and are sufficiently supplied with drip irrigation or soaker hoses. Drip irrigation is the perfect choice for gardens, plant beds, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials as it gives you absolute control over exactly how much water each plant gets and it is a water-wise intelligent way to irrigate. Flexible tubing is connected to individual drippers or emitters and they are placed at the root zone of each plant. This allows you to dispense a specific amount of water each time the system runs. To accommodate the needs of less or more thirsty plants you can choose different size emitters or even use mini sprayers for especially water needy plants like seedlings or annuals. Other benefits of drip irrigation are that water is delivered directly to the plants’ root system as opposed to sprinklers getting the foliage wet, which can make them susceptible to bacterial or fungal diseases. Water is delivered much more slowly which promotes absorption and leads to a healthier garden. Since drip systems water only each particular plant and not the space between them, it is less likely that you have to deal with weeds. It is important to plan a drip system carefully as many factors influence its success, such as considering soil condition for example, as in soils rich in clay, which are common in Colorado, water spreads out wider than in sandy soil. Sherpa Landscaping is intimately familiar with Colorado’s alpine conditions and we are experts at choosing the suitable irrigation for each plant. We begin with a thorough site evaluation and go over the details of your landscape and develop the right drip irrigation system to best fits your needs. Call Sherpa Landscaping today and schedule your free consultation. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work.

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