Flagstone is an exquisite hardscaping material that adds a sophisticated, stunningly luxurious look to your garden. It is a high-end sedimentary flat rock that splits into layers along the beds of sediment and comes in many colors and finishes.  Our expert Sherpa stone masons have decades of experience working with stone under the harshest conditions in Nepal and are skilled at transforming this eye catching stone by using state of the art techniques to cut a variety of visually appealing interesting angled pieces that are then designed into a unique patio, walkway or pool deck. By ordering from Sherpa Landscaping you can attain a true custom look at a fraction of the price and without the hazardous dust that comes with cutting flagstone on site.


Arizona Buff Dimensional Cut Flagstone Walkway

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Walkways and Entryways add function and definition to your space. Their obvious purpose is to allow you to safely move around your yard on a solid and safe surface, but they do so much more. A beautiful meandering walkway connects the different areas of your garden into a cohesive look. Stunning colors and artistic cuts are a feast for the eye and turn you yard into a real show piece. This Arizona Buff flagstone walkway gives you a neutral color that can be a great backdrop for flower beds, but the artistic dimensional cut adds just enough pleasing visual interest.

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