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Planting and Relocating

Planting a tree or several trees is a very exciting part of remodeling your yard. Trees bring so much joy and so many benefits like enhancing your property value, providing privacy, shading your home and lowering your power bills in the summer, reducing the impact of heavy rain on the vegetation below, creating cleaner air by releasing fresh oxygen year round and they add dazzling beauty and curb appeal to your garden, making them an essential element in any landscape. They can be a big investment, so it is worthwhile for every homeowner to ensure good tree care. When you call Sherpa Landscaping for help with your trees, we come out for a free consultation and begin by evaluating your topography, micro climate, sun and soil conditions. We can advise you on the best locations in your yard that will suitably support the tree or trees you have chosen. As Sherpas we have worked in the challenging Himalayan mountains and that has taught us what works best in alpine conditions like your Colorado mountain backyard. We can also move or transplant a tree that would do better in another part of your yard, or that you would like moved for any reason.

Pruning and Care

Trimming and pruning your trees is an essential part of maintaining your trees’ health and naturally beautiful appearance. It is an art and a science and if done wrong can damage the tree. Overgrown trees can cause a number of problems, from aesthetics when a tree grows asymmetrically to potential safety issues for your house or your neighbor’s home. Properly understanding the biology of trees is required when deciding which parts need to be trimmed to eliminate defects without stunting the tree’s growth and appearance. Sherpa Landscaping expertly shears your trees which leads to long living healthy trees because they are better able to resists insects, pests, tree diseases and storms, and they let more sunlight through to nurture the lower growing plants. Tree trimming can also be challenging if not dangerous work, especially when working with a large tree that requires heavy duty trimming like removing limbs with a chain saw. You should consider cropping your trees not just for health and longevity, but also when they get too close to the house or power lines, when you see damaged or unsightly branches, if they have not been trimmed in the last couple of years or if you would like the tree to have a more appealing shape. Our Sherpas can also help you with fertilization and make sure your trees are adequately irrigated. We are bonded and insured and we guarantee our work.

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